Are there any fees for this program?

SF Launch will cost SGD$20,000 for the entire 16-week program.  


For the SG Launch, it will cost SGD$15,000 for the entire 16-week program. 


Discounts are available for early applicants. Please get in touch with us at global.launch@500.co.


Are flights or accommodation provided for participants?

Participants will be expected to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements for the duration of the program.

Can I apply if my startup does not meet the requirement?

We will evaluate on a case by case basis and it would definitely help if you provide more information through the application and our team could advise you thereafter. 

Even if your startup does not get shortlisted, many startups have higher chances of getting selected after the second application, hence we encourage you to submit an application for the next batch as soon as you receive news from us on the batch opening. 

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are drawn from 500’s remarkable pool of serial entrepreneurs, experienced investors and industry experts with deep expertise in their field. 

SG Launch: Our mentors are specialized in specific markets that can provide localized insider knowledge and insights on market expansion.

How many team members from each startup can join the program?

Office space is currently included for up to two people at a time, but other team members may participate in workshops and trainings. If you would like to request for additional office space or invite more team members to join in the training, please get in touch.


Do I have to be present for the entire duration of the program?  

SG Launch: You would have to be physically in Singapore for the 1 week intensive sprint. Thereafter during the immersion program, we highly encourage founders to get out there to meet potential customers or investors apart from the weekly check-ins with mentors. 

I’m interested to join the next batch, how can I join the mailing list?

Do submit an application of your startup so we could place you on the mailing list.

Will I get investment from 500 Startups during the program?

This is an equity-free program so there will not be any investment involved. However, we have networking sessions that we will invite the 500 Durians and other investors while you showcase your startups to potentially secure funding.

What happens after the program?

You will be part of our 500 Global Startup Community and being a 500 Alumni, we have perks that we offer such as technology tool credits, exclusive event invitation, biyearly get-together sessions to meet the various batches of founders!


Who is evaluating my application?

The applications will be reviewed by representatives from 500 Startups. Unfortunately, we may not be able to provide feedback to each team that applies.


For additional questions, feel free to get in touch at: (global.launch@500.co)


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